Types of Shutters


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Shutters vs custom blinds which ones should you get?


Let’s just get right to it shutters can be easily dusted from time to time but blinds are a far larger hassle to clean. They are generally much thinner with very little space between individual blinds. But thankfully they are not as bad as curtains which have to be taken down and washed completed.


The sturdy construction of shutters allows minimum creases to be visible when closed. This allows you to better control the light passing through into your home.

Energy use

As you can guess for the same reasons as in “Control”, shutters are more efficient at locking in energy. Not to add that shutters increase your homes resale value similarly to hardwood floors and marbling.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters consist of wood or faux wood (made to look like wood) louvers inside a frame as shown above. Similarly to shades, the louvers use a road to manipulate their positioning. They are made from different types of materials not just wood but also vinyl and aluminum.