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Hi, I’m Dario. I am part of a family with consist of indoor designers, florist, landscapers, graphic artist… you get the point. But regardless of experience or talent, shopping for anything fashionable or new is always a challenge. From buying jeans to redecorating a room.
Note the terms ‘Blinds‘, ‘Shutters‘, ‘Curtains’, ‘Drapes’ and ‘Shades‘ are used interchangeably. They are not the same thing, but all have a similar purpose.

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Bear with me a minute. I bought my first pair of jeans from a retailer. The jeans looked fantastic in the store lighting and fit perfectly when trying them on (using their mirrors). But at home, after trying on the jeans the next day; they were too baggy and not the dark shade of black previously viewed in the store. Well, of course, the store lighting is designed to accentuate the clothes. While the experience gained from buying clothes or shoes from a retailer since we have to do this often. Blinds, shutters, and curtains are rarely purchased. Also, they are kept for far longer, therefore before dedication to this lifelong purchase, they are additional factors to be checked.

Expert Blinds Installation Service Problem

Would it fix our home’s custom sized window or sliding glass door which might also be of an unusual height?

What about the location of the blind would the tree outside cast an unwanted shade into the room?

Does the color of the drapes suit the paint on the walls or furniture?

How does the texture work against the surrounding elements?

What types of curtains to use plain or textured?

Should I have made to size blinds or generically store bought?

What types of blinds to purchase, vertical or horizontal – Vinyl?

How to fold drapes – soft fold, front slat?

Does this room need darkening blinds – motorized blinds – wood blinds?

Do I need shutters or curtains or drapes or shades; will they cause a fire hazard by placing them there?

What will happen when I leave the window open would they blow into unsafe or annoying areas?

Should I purchase a top Brand or design? Or will Brand #2 provide the same if not better results?

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I am sure we can all agree that each one of these factors and much more is dependent on individual homes. I also know this may sound overwhelming, but I have great news!

The Cost of Custom Blinds?

A professional design consultant, full of window treatment design ideas will come to your home. Complete with samples and measurements to alert you of the best options for your environment. They will guide your thoughts and inform you of the best customizable implementation made for your home. Then they will provide you with a free blinds quote. No obligation or cost! Too good to be true? If you can agree on the quote, they will return with custom made, measured blinds and equipment suited for your specific needs.

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Add your email, home address and number to organize your free appointment! Then give them a call or wait for their call to you. You have nothing to lose.

Professionally Made To Measure Blinds

It takes just 3 days for the consultant to meet with you. Complete with samples of textures and designs at your beck and call. Blinds will then be made to measure for final installation. That is if you decide to work with us. Remember you are not obligated in any way to choose them as your primary design consultant for blinds, curtains or drapery needs. In fact, they are just glad to help.

Window Treatment Ideas For Custom Blinds Near Me

Whether you are building a new home and need shutters to match new wall colors and new furniture, or seeking a new look and feel for your home. It is surprising how much of a drastic atmospheric change curtains may have to a room or even an entire home. By just adding lighter colored or shaded curtains can change a room from being a flat, low energy area to a productive, encouraging environment. Curtains have the power to turn a House into a Home.

Blinds have the ability to set the mood of a room. There are various design options for just one type of curtain. By utilizing a variety of patterns and styles, it is possible to make small rooms seem large. Did you know that the shade of your curtains in your bedroom can have a direct effect on how well you sleep? Lighter curtains allow more light to penetrate into your room, and since we are mostly sleeping at night, that invasive protruding light is not natural light but that of a street light or lights you may have surrounding your home, this can hamper the quality of our sleep. Likewise having too dark a blind in your work, study or living room can dull the energy in the area.

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